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Watch Battery Replacement Service

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Watch Batteries By Mail

Watch Battery Replacement Service By Mail

If you don't live near our store, we offer a very economical watch battery replacement service by mail . Perhaps you live in a rural area or are tired of paying $15 to $45 for watch battery replacements. Send us your watches and we will replace the batteries and ship them back to you usually the same day.

Ladies Fashion (Costume) Watches

Ladies, if you have a drawer full of fashion watches with dead batteries we can replace all of the batteries very quickly and economically. You can send any quantity of watches to us for battery replacement, but due to the postage, larger quantities are more economical. For example, when you send 10 ladies fashion watches, the price for each watch is only $6.80 which includes postage. The more watches that you send us, the lower the price and the more you save. If you only have a few watches, we encourage you to gather watches from your family, friends and take advantage of our bulk pricing. There is no need to pay $15 to $45 for a watch battery replacement anymore!

We Are Watch Battery Replacement Experts

Over the years, we have replaced an enormous number of watch batteries and have experience with virtually every watch brand on the market. We have the tools, skills and experience to insure that your watch batteries are replaced professionally without damaging your watch.

We Use Name Brand Premium Batteries

We only use name brand premium batteries such as Eveready Energizers. We never use the cheap generic Chinese batteries since they don't last and often leak causing damage to the watch. Our batteries are always fresh since we receive frequent battery deliveries due to our volume.

Free Fast Service

We don't charge extra for fast service. Fast service is normal and we usually complete the job the same day or the next day. For example, if we receive your package on a Tuesday, we will very likely mail it back to you on Wednesday. Occasionally, it will take a little longer since our jewelry store is closed Sunday and Monday.

How Watch Battery Replacement Service By Mail Works

Our watch battery replacement service by mail is most economical when you send us 10 watches although you may send any amount.

1. Call us at 909-425-1000 before you ship your watches so that we can provide you with a price and additional guidance.

2. Wrap your watches with newspaper or bubble wrap and place them into the US Postal Service Small Flat Rate Priority box. This shipping method usually comes with $50 of insurance but if you need more insurance please talk to the postal clerk. Make sure that you use enough newspaper to prevent the watches from moving inside the box.

3. While you are at the post office, get a postal money order for the total amount that we quoted you over the phone and place it in the box with the watches. Include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address as well as any special instructions or comments.

4. Ship the flat rate box containing your watches along with the postal money order to us at the following address. We do not accept credit cards, or personal checks for our watch battery replacement service by mail.


7225 Boulder Ave

Highland CA 92346-3313


Other Services

Since we are a jewelry store we also offer complete watch repair as well as repair all types of jewelry including platinum, gold, silver and fashion (costume) jewelry. Call us for details at 909-425-1000.