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Highland Jewelry Mart offers free layaway for nearly all jewelry items in the showroom. Our layaway program is simple to use and can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars on credit card charges.

If you love Jewelry, you will love our layaway program. It is a smart pay-as-you-go process that will help you get the jewelry items you want without going into debt.

This Is How Our Layaway Works

With a small down payment and regular weekly or monthly payments, you can purchase that special fine jewelry item. We do not charge any interest and there are no fees. The layaway period can be from 1 month to 1 year and depends on the item that you wish to purchase. You can pay it off early without any penalty.

Who Uses Layaway?

Layaway is very often used by both women and men who wish to collect fine jewelry pieces over time while closely managing their budget. In addition to saving you money, layaway is also used for surprise gift giving since the item never appears on a credit card statement and remains safe from prying eyes until pickup.

Benefits Of Layaway

Layaway Versus Credit Card ...You Be The Judge!

If you are considering a fine jewelry purchase and you are on a budget, perhaps our layaway program is the smart solution. The following example compares our layaway with typical credit cards.

Suppose that you wanted to buy a gold and diamond anniversary ring. The ring costs $2500 and you only have $500 on hand but can make payments. if you were to use our layaway to purchase the ring, we could save you thousands of dollars compared to credit cards. The layaway advantage is clear in the table below.

Layaway vs Credit



(Bad Credit)

Interest Rate NO INTEREST 12% 24%
Item Price $2,500 $2,500 $2,500
Down Payment $500 $500 $500
Monthly Payment $166.66 Card Minimum Card Minimum
Amount Financed None $2,000 $2,000
Payoff Months 12 Months 84 Months 118 Months
Interest Charges $0 $600 $1,775
Total Cost $2,500 $3,100 $4,275

Table based on credit card minimum monthly payment of 4% / $15