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Watch Battery Replacement Service By Mail

If you don't live nearby and want our great low price, we offer a watch battery replacement service by mail. It's simple!

Large Battery Inventory

We stock over 1,000 batteries in our inventory so that we have the battery you need and we can usually install it while you wait. We only use brand name batteries and test each before installation to insure that you get the freshest battery possible.

If the problem with your watch isn't the battery, we offer comprehensive watch repair service for all mechanical, automatic and quartz watches.

We Service All Watch Brands

We have the experience, and proper tools to replace any battery in any watch. We have installed hundreds of thousands of batteries in every type of watch ranging from the everyday fashion watches to the very expensive high end watches. The following is a partial list of the watch brands that we have repaired.

Kinetic Power Cell Replacements (Capacitor)

These watches store electricity in a capacitor instead of a battery. They generate electricity that is stored in the capacitor by the movement of your wrist. We can also replace this capacitor when needed.

Solar Powered (Rechargable Battery)

Some of the new watches contain a rechargable battery that is charged by solar cells mounted just behind the watch face. We can also replace this rechargable cell when needed.

Other Battery Services


We can replace batteries in your car remote, garage door opener, stereo remote or calculator if they use a "button type" or "cell" battery shown above.