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Gold Selling Tips

   Scrap Gold Calculator

Use our gold scrap calculator below to determine the value of your scrap gold. In order to get the best price you must shop around. The scrap gold calculator will help you understand the offers you receive.


The current Gold Market price in step 1 can be read from the table below. It is the first yellow number directly under the word "GOLD". Type this number into step 1 above.

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Enter the weight of your scrap gold item(s) in grams.

Enter the karat of the scrap gold item(s).

Step 4:

Press the calculate button to see the likely value of your gold scrap below.


Excellent Offer
The average person selling a small amount of scrap will not likely receive an offer in this range. Offers in this range are made to persons who are "in the business" and frequently sell large amounts of scrap gold such as high volume dealers.

Very Good Offer
While it is possible for an occasional low volume seller to receive an offer in the lower end of this range it is not likely. The majority of offers in this range are to medium volume dealers selling 30-50 grams.

Good Offer
If you receive an offer in this range for a small quantity of scrap such as a broken chain or an old wedding band, it is likely a good offer.

Poor Offer

If you receive an offer in this range, it's likely that you can get more money by shopping around. Offers in this range are typical of "gold home parties" and some "TV mail-in-gold" operations and "hotel gold" scrap buyers.

Very Poor Offer

If you receive an offer in this range, it's very likely that you did not shop around. Offers in this range are typical of many "mail-in-gold" operations seen on TV. Many of these operations rely on you not knowing the value of your scrap and not shopping around. The only one making money with an offer in this range is the scrap buyer!


We hope that the following gold selling tips and Scrap Gold Calculator will simplify the often confusing gold scrap selling process. So if you are thinking about selling your scrap gold, following the information on this page may save you hundreds or thousands of dollars when you sell your gold scrap.

With today's high gold prices, it seems that there are as many gold buyers as there are sellers. It's not surprising since it is very easy for a gold buyer to make a lot of money by taking advantage of the one-time novice seller.

Gold Scrap Buyers

Below are the typical places you can sell your gold scrap.

Tip: Don't Take The First Offer

Never take the first offer from the first buyer. If you take the very first offer the game is over and you most likely lost!

Tip: Do Not Mail-In-Your Gold

You have seen the million dollar TV commercials and are tempted to mail your gold...DON't DO IT. Mailing in your scrap gold should be the last thing you consider doing and only after you have received offers from all of the local buyers.

Tip: Avoid Low Ballers

Low ballers are dealers who's strategy is to make you a very low offer and hope that you take it. If you don't take their offer, they will offer you slightly more money. This strategy will generate huge profits for the buyer and conversely huge losses for you. Most of the mail-in-gold programs use this strategy.

Tip: Remove Valuable Stones

If your scrap jewelry contains valuable stones such as diamonds, ruby, emeralds, or sapphires have them removed by us before you sell. Don't make the mistake of selling a ring with a valuable solitaire diamond for gold scrap.

Tip: Sell Good Jewelry Privately

Don't sell a jewelry item that is in very good condition for scrap until you have tried to sell it to family or friends.

Tip: Be careful of Individual Buyers

Individual buyers typically place free advertisements on websites such as Craigslist offering to pay "top dollar" and meet you in a public place (or your home). These people are usually not legal business entities and therefore, you could be taking a substantial safety and legal risk dealing with such anonymous buyers.

Tip: Calculate The Scrap Value

Use our Scrap Gold Calculator to estimate the market value of your gold scrap. This will help you assess the offers that you receive.

Tip: Shop Around

Perhaps the single best tip is to take your scrap to as many potential gold buyers as possible and get their best offers. If a gold buyer tells you that their offer is only good right now, it's likely they are trying to prevent you from comparison shopping. Leave immediately and don't go back. The lesson here is that you should only sell your scrap gold to the highest bidder and that lazy sellers usually get ripped off.

We are very happy to provide area sellers with our opinion and guidance on selling scrap gold shown above. If you have any questions, please stop in, call or email us.